‘A fascinating discussion starter, both on external and internal levels’
Bad Lit – The Journal of Underground Film

‘More disturbing in a way than viewing a violent horror film’

‘People think about murder, it’s a fact and this documentary proves it’

‘Feeling almost as if a camera happened to be present during
a genuine murder (…) A disturbing glimpse into the darkest abyss
of the human psyche’

Trash City

‘The term hardcore regains its original interpretatation’
Splatting Image

’Incredibly fascinating and chilling’


‘In making the film, Kosakowski has done what many don’t dare to do –
he has looked at death through another’s eyes’

ArtsHub Australia

‘Showing how often humanity thinks of violence without knowing
how to react’

Sticky Trigger Entertainment

‘The movie is a very surreal experience (…) Without a doubt
a powerful movie’


‘Watching Zero Killed is an exception. And that’s precisely
what makes it so horrible – and so morbidly intriguing’

‘A straight to the point feature with a plot so brilliant it will have you
chewing your fingers right down to the bone’

Slippery Lyzard


Thriller! Chiller! Blog!

Splatting Image (german)



Monster Island Resort


Oldenburger Lokalteil (german)

Deutsche Welle (german)

Distributor (Germany)

Absolut Medien

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